Holiday Accident, Injury, and Illness Claims

The last thing you want to worry about over the holidays is a holiday accident injury claim. Unfortunately, significant accidents and injuries are common over the holiday season, especially if you are traveling. When you are away from home, how can you get the care you need and the money you deserve to cover your financial losses?

At JJ Legal, we want to help you understand the accident claim process when you are hurt in an accident while out of town or on holiday vacation.

What to Do If You’re Hurt While on Holiday Vacation

The holidays are a perfect time for travel, with many visiting family and friends, and others planning trips to new destinations with loved ones. Always be prepared for potential travel emergencies.

If an accident happens on vacation, your preparedness can greatly affect your accident claim and compensation recovery. Here are essential steps to follow if you or a family member gets injured during holiday travels:

  • Contact the Authorities – If you are in an accident in an unfamiliar location, always contact the authorities for help, especially in a motor vehicle accident. Law enforcement can control the scene and help you find necessary medical care. You can also use a subsequent police report as evidence to help support your compensation claim.
  • Seek medical attention immediately –Despite the inconvenience, seek immediate medical care if injured. Early treatment not only aids recovery but also strengthens your compensation claim with medical records.
  • Document the scene –When possible, document the scene as thoroughly as you can. That includes taking photographs and videos of the area, your injuries, and damage to any personal property.
  • Talk to witnesses –If witnesses are at the scene, ask them for a brief statement about what happened and collect their contact information.
  • Contact an attorney –You may feel out of your depth when you’ve been hurt in an accident away from home. Contact an attorney for help navigating the accident claim process. An attorney understands local laws, can guide you with a holiday accident claim, and can help you fight for the money you deserve.
  • Keep a paper trail –It can be hard to stay organized while away from home, but do your best to record all out-of-pocket and medical expenses related to the accident.
  • Talk to your insurer –Even though the accident happened while you were away from home, you may need to inform your insurance company about the incident. An attorney can help manage communication between you and your insurer.
  • Stay off social media –You probably want to share details of the incident or your holiday trip with family and friends via social media. Don’t. Never post to social media after an accident. To protect yourself and your claim, stay off social media platforms until your attorney resolves your claim.  

Out-of-State Accident Claim Process

Many out-of-state accident claims work the same way as in-state claims. However, whether that is true in your case can depend on state-specific insurance laws and regulations. Filing a personal injury lawsuit also becomes more complicated when an accident occurs in a state where you’re not a resident. The best way to tackle an accident claim on holiday vacation is by seeking the help of a knowledgeable personal injury attorney.

An attorney can review the unique factors of your claim and navigate state-specific laws and regulations to help you recover the maximum compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Commons Injuries People Experience on Holiday Vacation

traveling man holding his stomach in pain from food poising with wife next to him

From car accidents to food poisoning, numerous situations could trigger a compensation claim when you are traveling for the holidays. Some of the most common injuries people experience following a holiday vacation accident tend to include:

Always seek medical attention for any vacation-related accident injury and then talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Injured on Vacation? We Can Help

Did you or a family member suffer an injury while on holiday vacation? If the careless actions of another hurt you or a loved one, it may good idea to file a holiday accident claim. The legal team at JJ Legal can pursue the compensation you deserve. We’ve recovered over $1 billion in verdicts and settlements for our clients. Let us help you.

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